Certified Peace Dollars

The Peace Dollar was issued between the years 1921 and 1935. The new series was introduced to commemorate the restoration of peace following the conclusion of the Great War. Despite the short duration of the series, a complete collection of all 24 different date and mint mark combinations can be a challenge to complete. There is one notable low mintage key date coin in addition to several conditional rarities that are exceedingly difficult to find in gem condition.

Peace Dollars

The design for the Peace Dollar was created by sculptor Anthony de Francisci. The obverse features an image of crowned Liberty that is said to have been based on his wife. The word "Liberty" appears above, the date below, and the motto "In God We Trust" in a line across Liberty's neck.

The reverse depicts an eagle in repose with the rays of the sun behind. The eagle holds an olive branch and is perched on a rock with the word "Peace". This represents the only time the word has appeared on a circulating U.S. coin. Above are the inscriptions "United States of America" and "E Pluribus Unum" with the denomination "One Dollar" in a line across the lower portion of the eagle.

For the first year of issue, the Peace Dollar was struck in high relief. Although it made for a striking and beautiful coin, it was found to be impractical for circulating coinage and switched to a lower relief design in 1922.

After several years of elevated mintages, the quantity of silver dollars produced fell to a low of 360,649 pieces for the 1928 Peace Dollar. This represents the key date coin of the series and commands a premium across all grade levels.

A number of conditional rarities exist for the series, particularly for San Francisco produced coins. Many dates are encountered weakly struck, heavily abraded or bag marked, making gem uncirculated pieces in the distinct minority. Some issues that are difficult and expensive to acquire in grades MS65 and above include the 1924-S, 1925-S, and 1938-S.

The Peace Dollar attempted to make a comeback in 1964 when Congress authorized the production of new Silver Dollar coins. The Denver mint produced 316,076 Peace Dollars dated 1964. All pieces were recalled and melted after authorization for the coins was rescinded by President Johnson.

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