Images of Certified Peace Dollars

The Peace Dollars represent the last circulating series of silver dollars for U.S. coinage. The series includes one famous key date and numerous conditional rarities. Assembling a complete collection in mint state grades can be challenging and rewarding for collectors.

It is generally preferable to collect mint state Peace Dollars that have been encapsulated and graded by one of the leading third party coin grading companies, PCGS or NGC. The holders will attest to the coin's authenticity and provide a numerical grade.

The images below show some PCGS and NGC graded Peace Dollars

1921 Peace Dollar

Pictured above is a 1921 Peace Dollar graded PCGS MS64 with a green CAC verification sticker. For this year, the series was struck in high relief. Finding a sharply struck example can be a challenge, as most examples will be found with notable weakness at the centers.

1925 Peace Dollar

The 1925 Peace Dollar is one of the more common issues of the series. It is readily encountered in mint state grades through MS66. Availability drops for coins graded MS67 or higher, as very few examples have managed to survive in such a pristine level of preservation.

1928 Peace Dollar

Pictured above is the key date of the series. This 1928 Peace Dollar has been encapsulated by NGC and graded MS65. This issue carries a premium even for well circulated examples. At the MS65 grade level, this is not the most expensive coin of the series. There are several other issues with higher mintages, but fewer examples that have survived in gem condition.